My sister took all of my cookies away. This is not acceptable.

Call me a troll one more time and I’ll make sure you never have cookies again.

[sticks her tongue out at him]

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Ah, she can be taught. [winks and pecks her cheek] So we going out or what?! Let’s go, woman, I ain’t got all night!

[A quick eye roll follows the gesture, but its hardly malicious.] Cool your engines before they implode, Speed Racer. I’ll need five minutes, give or take thirty. Wait right here.

[She points at the ground, directly where he stands, raises her eyebrows for emphasis, then spins around to run to and up the staircase.]


…. [pushes her face away playfully] You’re such a fucking brat sometimes. Remind me why I do nice things for you again?

Because I’d be utterly helpless without you, of course.


[Stares back at her, eyes slightly narrowed before faltering a bit and taking a step back, dropping his hand and shifting his eyes back and forth.] …..I’m done now….

He can be taught. Who knew?


No—nooooooo! [flails a little before pointing at her, clamping a hand over her mouth] You are hereby forbidden from using the word orgy and suggesting you’d be in one, in my presence. That’s just— yeah, no. Don’t do that. Bad Dani.

[With a roll of her eyes, she huffs and crosses her arms, but makes no move to slap his hand away. Yet. Instead, she continues to level her hardest stare at him. A warning—‘don’t test me.’]